Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses, and Wall Panels at Accurate Housing Systems

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Accurate Housing Systems - Roof and Floor Trusses, Wall Panels and I-Joists

What makes Accurate Housing Systems one of the best sources for roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels?

  • Our pricing. We know what you need to complete your project.
  • Our roof truss, floor truss, and wall panel delivery. Deliveries that come on time with fine tuned communications.
  • Our design staff. Our designers know when it’s time to think “outside the box” without changing the shape of your project.
  • Our sales. Our sales force can assist you in explaining products to clients. We help your sales people in┬ápresentation with professional drawings of the roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels and 3D graphics.
  • Components are permanently labeled.

What advantages do our trusses and wall panels have over stick framing?

  • Computer design allows additional freedom for the Architect allowing innovative shapes.
  • Computer designed and sealed truss designs are easily inspected by local building departments.
  • Computer aided manufacturing of trusses and panels help insure code compliance and a quality final product.
  • Because our computer aided manufacturing helps eliminate waste, we can provide you with a quality product that costs you less to build.
  • Our wood roof trusses and wood floor trusses are easy to install.
  • Our wall panels can save time on the job site and require fewer workers on site saving you money.

Call or contact us by email right now and have one of our sales force show you how we can help you build better for less!