A Testimonial from Campbellsport Building Supply

Here is a testimonial from one of our partners:

Over the past 7 years I have worked with 8 different truss companies. I found it necessary to work with at least 3 companies at all times because each was lacking in one area or another. I am pleased to say that Accurate is the first company I have worked with that is hitting on all cylinders. Whether it be quoting, trucking, design, production, or solution resolution, the level of professionalism they bring to the table is top notch and has helped my company secure more business and enables my salesmen to sell with confidence. Less time “babysitting” and more time selling is what we all need in market conditions such as these, and when working with the team at AHS, that is exactly what we can do.

Steve Herriges | Asst. Store Leader/Structural Support Specialist

Campbellsport, Berlin, Kiel Building Supply | Drexel Incorporated

Why Wall Panels

What advantages do wall panels have to your building?

Walls panels save you money on your building project by:

  • Using less materials
  • Reducing the time spent on site.

Additional advantages of wood panels over stick framing are:

  • Controlled quality of materials.
  • Walls with headers and studs designed for loads.
  • Sheathing and building wrap can be done in the factory and save you additional time on the building site.

Why Wood Floor Trusses

Why should you consider using wood floor trusses?

Wood Floor Trusses Bundled For Shipping
  • Wood trusses allow versatile design
  • Wood floor trusses have open webs which provide lots of room for plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling to be run.
  • Trusses have a large surface area for attaching sheathing.
  • Engineered trusses can have fewer squeeks and stronger design.
  • Different spacings can be used for structural integrity while being efficient.
  • Trusses save time on site.

Why have your wood floor trusses designed and built by Accurate Housing Systems of Wisconsin?

  • Different depths of floor trusses can be designed to your needs.
  • Extra stiffness and strength can be designed for special needs.

    Complex Floor Truss in 3D
    Designing Floor Trusses with 3D Models
  • We can help you with cantilever floors, additional bearings, and other special designs.
  • Because of our computerized manufacturing, overall costs can be lowered with reduced use of materials.
  • You’ll save time on site and have stronger floors and that means lower cost and happier building owners.

All these reasons and more are why Accurate Housing Systems is becoming a leader in wood floor trusses in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Why Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

Wood Roof trusses have many advantages over other means of roof framing:

  • Wood roof trusses have the lowest cost.
  • Trusses are fast to install.
  • They are an engineered product – ensuring safety and code compliance.
  • Do not require special tools or highly skilled labor to install.
A roof truss being loaded by a forklift for shipping
Roof Truss Being Loaded For Shipping

Wood roof trusses by Accurate Housing Systems also have some additional advantages:

  • We provide convenient delivery.
  • Using computer aided design, our designers can provide additional freedom of building design and shape – your building can look the way it was dreamed!

    Roof Truss Engineering Model
    Computer Engineering Roof Trusses
  • You can have larger spans and greater freedom of wall placement.