Why Wood Floor Trusses

Why should you consider using wood floor trusses?

Wood Floor Trusses Bundled For Shipping
  • Wood trusses allow versatile design
  • Wood floor trusses have open webs which provide lots of room for plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling to be run.
  • Trusses have a large surface area for attaching sheathing.
  • Engineered trusses can have fewer squeeks and stronger design.
  • Different spacings can be used for structural¬†integrity while being efficient.
  • Trusses save time on site.

Why have your wood floor trusses designed and built by Accurate Housing Systems of Wisconsin?

  • Different depths of floor trusses can be designed to your needs.
  • Extra stiffness and strength can be designed for special needs.

    Complex Floor Truss in 3D
    Designing Floor Trusses with 3D Models
  • We can help you with cantilever floors, additional bearings, and other special designs.
  • Because of our computerized manufacturing, overall costs can be lowered with reduced use of materials.
  • You’ll save time on site and have stronger floors and that means lower cost and happier building owners.

All these reasons and more are why Accurate Housing Systems is becoming a leader in wood floor trusses in Wisconsin and Illinois.