Why Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

Wood Roof trusses have many advantages over other means of roof framing:

  • Wood roof trusses have the lowest cost.
  • Trusses are fast to install.
  • They are an engineered product – ensuring safety and code compliance.
  • Do not require special tools or highly skilled labor to install.
A roof truss being loaded by a forklift for shipping
Roof Truss Being Loaded For Shipping

Wood roof trusses by Accurate Housing Systems also have some additional advantages:

  • We provideĀ convenientĀ delivery.
  • Using computer aided design, our designers can provide additional freedom of building design and shape – your building can look the way it was dreamed!

    Roof Truss Engineering Model
    Computer Engineering Roof Trusses
  • You can have larger spans and greater freedom of wall placement.